Monday, October 4, 2010

Naija @ 50!!

Nigeria aka the "Giant of Africa" turned 50 on the 1st of October, 2010. Just want to say "Happy Golden Jubilee Anniversary" to all my Naija people. We have gone through a lot as a nation, yet we still stand. It's a miracle! We are thankful to God for that. May God continue to see Nigeria through in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

I stumbled on Nigeria's old national anthem and fell in love with it. Please read:

Nigeria we hail thee,
Our own dear native land,
Though tribes and tongues may differ,
In brotherhood we stand,
Nigerians all are proud to serve
Our sovereign Motherland.

Our flag shall be a symbol
That truth and justice reign,
In peace or battle honored,
And this we count as gain,
To hand on to our children
A banner without stain.

O God of all creation,
Grant this our one request,
Help us to build a nation
Where no man is oppressed,
And so with peace and plenty
Nigeria may be blessed.

Now tell me....doesn't this anthem speak a lot of passion for our nation? Ironically it was written by a British expatriate in 1960 and was in use until 1978. Sigh. I do love this anthem and wish we could use it instead. But hey..."Arise O Compatriot" still works magic when Nigerians sing it with all their hearts. We need to encourage schools to sing the national anthem and recite the national pledge. It would foster patriotic feelings amongst Nigerian youths.

Enjoy Naija Oldies by Bella Naija. They do bring nostalgic memories. Took me back to when I was still a teeny weenie thought to share it with you all.

Also enjoy one of Nigeria's classic songs of all time "Nigeria My Beloved Country" by Funmi Adams.

"Nigeria My Beloved Country" by Funmi Adams


  1. mschew...we ddt evn get a slice of d 'national' cake jo! i sha hope u kept my share of THAT cake o!

  2. Hmmmm...sorry, o! cake don finish....:(