Friday, October 22, 2010

My Twin Story

I hated reading session during my childhood. My mum would give story books to my siblings and me to read for a certain period, it could be a day or a week…depending on the volume of the book. At the end of the reading session, we were to summarize the book we read…verbally or by writing. The only part I loved about reading was looking at the colorful pictures (grinning). But trust my mum, if you did not summarize the book, the punishment waiting for you would be worse than reading the book itself! So of course I was compelled to READ! Today, I thank my mum for building that reading habit in my siblings and me.

My favorite childhood books were Mr. Men & Little Miss. Series (example, Mr. Happy, Mr. Grumpy, Little Miss Chatter Box, Little Miss Neat, e.t.c), Enid Blyton books and any nice children colorful, adventurous books. But one book stood out in my life and has influenced a decision that I made when I was 12 years old - Topsy & Tim series.

I first read Topsy & Tim when I was given an assignment in primary school to read and summarize a book. After reading more than one book, I fell in love with TWINS!! Since then I have been praying to have a set of twins – boy and girl!!!!

Reading is a good way for both children and adults to develop their creativity with life. Book publishing houses like Ladybird and Penguin have been one of my best publishers because they publish books that not only inspire children but also adults.
My advice, make sure you encourage your children to read even before they clock one (1) year! Am serious! It would develop their creativity and build a solid character in them. My plan for my twin children (And my other children!)is to build a good library for them. And I would make sure the books that positively shaped my childhood would also shape theirs too.

And don’t y’all worry, when I marry and have my twins (God willing), I would let you know. And they would definitely read Topsy & Tim.*wink*

Check out Topsy and Tim website


  1. kai! i rmbr dose!! still blive she's d ONLY adult dt wd love 2 go bck 2 skul anytym, anyday!

  2. Sebi! Mum too LOVE school! lol!