Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chile: The Rescue Down Under

I got to know about the "Chile Trapped Miners Crisis" just about three days ago while watching CNN on my DSTv mobile phone, on my way home from work. Gosh! I felt scared for the 33 miners, who had been underground for about 69 days!!! Goodness me!

On Wednesday, 13th October, 2010, I watched on LIVE CNN, how the Chilean government rescued each of these men from the underground world. As each man came out, I was filled with tears as each of them hugged and kissed their loved ones, who have been waiting patiently for them.

I congrate the Chilean government for all their efforts. What impressed me the most was the presence of their President on the scene. He was there as all the 33 miners were rescued. And he made sure he gave each of them a warm greeting. Now, that's leadership!!!! Am really impressed with the Crisis Management scheme applied by the Chilean government.

I do hope other countries learn from this. The whole world watched and saw history being made in Chile. Go Chiiiiilleeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

P/S: A "UNIQWE" Aussie-Nigerian friend of mine claimed to be a Chilean citizen for 24 hours. lol!


  1. d only fing dt came 2 my mind 2 comment on is abt our 'aussie' wa oh...d nxt fing he'd say is he's 4m Djibouti...lolzzzzzz

  2. plus i love d name..THE RESCUE DOWN UNDER..tks me bck wen i ws five..:(

  3. I feel u jare. I miss being a child, too.... :(