Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Willy & Jada's Kids

Watched " The Karate Kid" recently. Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith was the main actor. Honestly when I saw the movie preview, I was dying to watch the movie. So I finally watched it! What's my take on it? Cooool! Not bad! I love the Chinese and African American concept. I have watched about two different versions of "Karate Kid" and even the cartoon version (am singing the cartoon's song in my head right!). And to be honest, I think this is the best version I have watched. My best parts of the movie were Jaden's taekwado training with Jackie Chan.

Thumbs up to the Smiths! Willy and Jada Pinkett are really helping their kids bring out the best in their talents. Have you heard their daughter, Willow's single "Whip My Hair"? It's all over you tube. The girl is really looking like a younger version of! Am sure when Jay-Z saw her he thought the same too. I guess that's one of the reasons he hooked her up with his label, Roc! Smart man. He is foreseeing another "Super star Rihanna". *wink*

As for Trey, Will's eldest child, have not heard anything about him. I just know that he goes to a private school. Hmmmm. Am sure he has some talents hidden under his sleeves,too.

Enjoy Jaden aka "Lil Willy"(na me dash am that!) rapping in the soundtrack for "The Karate Kid" with Justin Bieber. And also enjoy Williow's first single that's becoming a hit!

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith

Willow Smith- "Whip My Hair"

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