Monday, August 2, 2010

"Champagne,Cupcakes & Curltalks"

Am so into getting my kinky ('Fro) look!!!
To start first, I got "initiated" on Saturday 31st of July, 2010 into the "Kinky World"!!!! Went for an event "Champagne,Cupcakes & Curltalks" held by Nibi, the owner of The KINKY Apothecary blog. The event was about encouraging and teaching us to appreciate our natural hair and also teaching us what products to use to avoid damaging our natural hair.

Three things I learnt that stuck (and we were personally warned to adhered to) were:
(1) STAY AWAY from anything with "mineral" ingredients. For example, any product with Sulphate is a "No!No!".
(2) Avoid too much heat on your natural hair. It breaks the hair!
(3) Always try and keep your hair "moist". Applying water in your hair occassionally is very neccesary. It keeps the hair soft and healthy.
The only part I didn't really like was the "CHOP".....wouldn't tell you what that's all about. Decipher from your own perspective (showing all my teeth).

It was a lovely event. Met lots of "kinky lovers" and bought some natural products to start off with my new kinky adventure....Wish me luck!!!!

Champagne & Cupcakes!!!

Nibi & I @ the event