Monday, July 12, 2010

Salani kahle South Africa!!

South Africa has done Africa proud with the just concluded FIFA World Cup.
I must say am very proud to be an African. Though to be honest, I wish an African country made it to the finals. But hey! We must give it to Ghana for being the first African country to reach the semi-finals in the history of FIFA World Cup! Way to go Black Stars!!! The day they played with Uruguay, all Africans, including me, were praying for them. Too bad our prayers were not answered. But still, am proud of the Black Stars. They did Africa proud.

At least God answered one of my prayers for this World Cup. I wanted a country that has never won the World Cup to win this one. And SPAIN, La Furia Roja (The Red Fury) emerged the World Champions! Andres Iniesta scored the 116th-minute goal, just four minutes from the end of extra time, which gave La Roja the world cup title for the first time in their history! Therefore, Spain have both the World Cup title and the European championship title,which they won two years ago!Good for them!!!!

When the Spanish hero, Andres Iniesta scored Spain's winning goal, he took the opportunity to pay tribute to a colleague who passed away before the start of last season. In front of a TV audience of more than 750 million, Iniesta removed his shirt to reveal the message "Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros" which translates to "Dani Jarque always with us". Though he ended up getting a yellow card for the gesture, I feel it was a beautiful way to pay tribute to a lost friend.

The Germans took the thrid place after a win of 2-3 against Uruguay.

Now the 2010 World Cup has finally come and gone! WOW! After all the waiting!
Hope all ye lovers and non-lovers of football enjoyed the one month show down of jabulani balls flying about the football pitch (*wink*).

Salani kahle South Africa!!! Goodbye, South Africa!

See below some photos of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Champions with their World Cup.

Andres Iniesta raises the trophy as Spain's national football team players celebrate winning the 2010 World Cup football final Netherlands vs. Spain on July 11, 2010 at Soccer City stadium in Soweto, suburban Johannesburg.

David Villa (R) kisses the trophy next to Spain's defender Sergio Ramos during the award ceremony.

Andres Iniesta celebrates after scoring during extra-time, paying tribute to their lost colleague, Dani Jarque.

Madiba (Nelson Mandela) holding the World Cup.


  1. 30 days seemed like 30 hrs...nw mum cn watch t.v agen..lolzzz

  2. Kiki, ur not serious!lol! But it's true.She wud no longer be scanning the tv and seeing only football....hw she dreads the game!