Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naija Cartoon Network (NCN)

Now, tell me, who has always wished that Nigeria would have it's own quality Nigerian cartoons and animations like Disney, Dream Works and co? Me! Come on, Nigerians are very talented people. We've got great artists and great writers and even great animation artists.....The only thing lacking is "the inspiration".....but I guess that's about to change...........

Bumped into these two Naija Cartoons - "The O Twins" and "Coconut Island". Proudly Naija Cartoons,o! Done by Naija People, o!!!


This is about a typical Nigerian Family which consists of Tami, Temi, mum and dad. It portrays the life of a Nigerian family and the world around them as they see it. The O Twins is a 3D Animation Comedy created by Micheal Tokunbo Akindele.


Coconut Island is a fun, happy place where Tuyo and his friends live happily…except whenever Koko the mad economist tries to come up with another insane, money making scheme for the Island. My favourite part in the trailer is "My name is KOKO not COCO" LOOL! Funny to me.

There is still hope for the Cartoon/Animation industry in Nigeria. My younger sister is planning to do Animations and am so encouraging her to do so. We need more of their kind, if you'd agree with me. So Naija can finally create "Naija Cartoon Network"!!! WOW! Can't wait to watch these cartoons.

What say y'all? Proud of Nigerians or what??? Very soon, our cartoons and animations would be like the likes of Disney and co....do you believe that?

See below their trailers. Funny.....lol!!!

"THE O TWINS" Trailer



  1. ITS ABT TYM!!! hmmm..im begining 2 fink...shud i go on 2 walt disney studios..or shud i jst stick around wif fusion perhaps? wud ponder on dt...

  2. The O twins seem more interesting. The producers have a better sense of humor.

  3. @Kiki: Na ur choice,o! Just make sure u end up doin something beta then these.
    @Boma: I totally agree with u....The O Twins sounds and looks more "Nigerian" in its content.

  4. Good animations...but how consistent are they?...can we watch these as we watch episodes of BOONDOCKS?....these things are quite difficult u know?...
    ....Nice Blog Nene...really inspiring....

  5. can we watch these anywhere online

  6. @Chic Thearapy: Not sure abt that at the mo'
    @Eim:Thanks....am bushing!And yea...I beleive Nigerian animation artists are coming up and wud be consistent.They need peeps like us to keep inspiring them to do wot they do,u know.

  7. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x13x25n_gbedu_fun

    1. You may also want to check out this link by two Naija animators.

  8. @Tayo - Nice animation!!! Really made me laugh!