Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Around the River Bend

This morning while heading to work in the staff bus, I was listening to some songs on my phone and wondering what I would share on my blog today. Then I heard one of my favourite Disney songs "Just Around The River Bend" by Pocahontas. And though I have listened to the lyrics times without number, for the first time it made so much more meaning to me (not that it never did but listening to it today stroke a cord in me).

So this is what I learnt from the song....

"To be safe, we lose our chance of ever knowing whats around the river bend...waiting just around the river bend"
Sometimes, we are so comfortable with where we are that we do not know that there is something better out there. I am an example. Not that I don't like trying new things...but sometimes am so bothered about what others would think or what I would lose by just moving a bit further or thinking "If I do end up moving further,would I like it?". I have learnt one thing from this verse, never be afraid to try something new because you never know what GOLD or GEM is waiting for you just around the river bend. It's good to try now than regret not trying in future.

"Should I choose the smoothest course....steady as the beating drum?"
This is another powerful verse....If you ask questions like this sometimes, say "I".
"IIIIIIIIIIIII!!!" LOL! I LOVE adventure! But sometimes...or let me be honest....most times I seek the easy part. But I have come to learn that the easy part is usually the most DANGEROUS part! Yes, it may look smooth and easy but the end result usually leads to disaster. Why? Because you didn't work for it....You didn't earn it! What you don't work for or earn would NEVER be appreciated. Sometimes, we have to choose the roughest part to get the best out of life. Like education...Cheating would lead you to pass but would not get you what you deserve because you didn't work for it. Look at diamonds and gold. They are dug out from muddy and rough places. And to bring out their beauty, they need to go though the processes of being refined. So what course would you rather choose? The smoothest course or the roughtest course?

Well, that's all I have for you today. Enjoy the video of "Just Around the River Bend" by my favourite Disney character - Pocahontas. Cheers!


  1. So true. One thing I hate in life is regrets, I'll do my best to avoid that.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. jst kip yr eyes open 4 wen id release my first animation under disney studios...ur kids r so gonna LOVE it!!!

  3. @Bome:ur welcome,dear.
    @Kiki: Def! They wud def LOVE their aunt's animation's (*wink*)