Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I don't know what has happened to me....but ever since I logged into "BLACK GIRL WITH LONG HAIR" blog, I have gone "AFRO CRAZY"!! Am so gona get an Afro!!!!
I have always loved my hair (even though sometimes I don't take good care of it like I should) and I get alot of attention because of it. From my craddle era, I have loved playing with my hair....trying one style or the other with my long,full,dark and thick hair. I have permed, used tread, fixed, braided...recently I did a fringe with my hair (*wink*)but I have never done an Afro. And am so dying to do one!

However, I have been making and I'm still making enquiries...because some people are gona kill me if I cut my hair totally...he!he! For your info, I don't have to cut my hair....I just have to stop relaxing it and let the roots grow natural till it gets to the length I want it.
Afro makes a cultural statement especially for African ladies (even guys). It gives the African woman an air of confident and pride. Some people may think Afro is 'old skool'...News Flash!!!! Old Skool stuffs are coming back!!!!

Let's learn to embrace our God given natural hair. Am not saying you can't perm or relax or even fix your hair and wear wigs. But once in a while I guess we could go natural....it's called "Adventure of the Hair"...lol!

Here is where I got my inspiration: http://bglhonline.com/

If you want to join me in my "'Fro Craze", check out: http://thekinkyapothecary.blogspot.com/

Find below photos of proud 'Fro ladies. Cheers!


  1. I was on low cut and then dreads in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Don't think I want to go down that road again.

  2. Its not that bad,dear.
    Check out this Naija Afro blog:
    We can go for their next event togeda just for inspiration....(*wink*)

  3. babe dis beautiful u r ever so creative

  4. hmm..u into d fro fing..i into d shaving of d hair fing..hw diverse cn we be sis?? lol

  5. @Kiki: LOOOL! am so getting a 'Fro!!!!Watch me at it!!!!